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DJ on the Set


We've got a killer lineup ready to set the dance floor on fire! Avi S, Ash, along with our resident DJs and all your faves DJs are bringing unforgettable sets. 🔥 

The Decemberfest clubbing experience is gonna be next level.🎉 We've got mind-blowing showcases lined up from the heavy-hitters: Bigg Frankii, Jeremy, Donovan, and a whole crew of other local legends that you know and love.

Decemberfest is gonna serve up a clubbing experience like no other – trust us, you won't forget it! So, who's ready to groove? Secure your tickets and let's get this party started! 🎉🔥



We've conjured up a groovy haven where performers and fans unite for a sweet symphony of live beats. Every Saturday at Decemberfest, get set for a live performance extravaganza featuring your all-time favourite bands and artists like Anonym, Zulu ek so tribu, Bruno Raya, and a bunch more coming just for you.🔥


They're joining forces to serve up a show that'll be etched in your memory forever. And for the grand finale, they're hitting the stage together for an epic jam session that'll have everyone buzzing with energy. So, who's ready to tear up the dance floor? Snag those tickets and let's make this an unforgettable night to remember! 🎶🕺🎉

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