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Our Motto

Listen, understand and amaze

Our Values

* * *

Honesty, Equity, Hospitality, Security

‘Lakaz’ means home. Our close-knit team is a family, and ‘Lakaz’ is our home.

We aim to offer a friendly and inclusive place with excellent customer service for everyone where they could enjoy good music.

We see our stakeholders as collaborators which differentiate us from other establishments as we collaborate to provide the best possible outcome to the ‘Lakaz’ family.

Our Mission

* * *

Mixing table keys

Make Every Night Iconic

Meet The Team


Jean-Pierre Gambini

Introducing the one and only Jean Pierre Gambini, or as we lovingly call him, "Tonton." He's the grandmaster of all things Lakaz! This dude's got the youthful spirit of a perpetual teenager and an insatiable thirst to craft legendary, mind-blowing moments for y'all at Lakaz.



Xavier Cotégah

Meet Xavier Cotégah, the wizard behind the scenes at Lakaz Cascavelle. He's the head honcho, running the show with an iron grip. Xavier is the ultimate director, a maestro of excellence !His tight-knit bond with his staff makes them feel like a united squad, all fired up and ready to rock it as one big, unstoppable force!


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