What makes the real specificity of creole cuisine of the sister islands today is the plethora of races, cultures and nationalities that have learned to live together since the arrival of the first settlers.

Creole cuisine in Mauritius was officially born in 1721 with the arrival of the French on the land that was once called “Isle de France”. At that time, Reunion Island was already a french territory since 1642. At first, the settlers needed to adapt their cooking to products available, mostly vegetables and seafood.

Since then, the cooking methods have integrated techniques and recipes from different cultures : African, Indian, Chinese and European.

What makes it so special…

There is no cuisine worldwide that tastes likes it. Creole cuisine is a rich blend of multiple spices, vegetables, seafood and meats.

  • For a start

    You usually start the meal with some aromatized rum or punch with typical fried appetizers like cheese samosas, stuffed chilli and chicken croquettes.

  • The main dish

    The main dish is usually accompanied with steamed rice. You can have a “carri” (our version of the indian curry), a “rougail” (any meat cooked slowly with tomatoes and spices), or a “civet” (dish of meat cut into small pieces and stewed with vegetables). It is usually served with a preparation of grains and a choice of pickles.

  • Dessert

    The traditional dessert is usually made with seasonal fruits such as mangoes, pineapples and litchis. Some like to take their dessert with a little digestif called “Rum Arrangé” or with some green tea.

At Lakaz

At Lakaz, our chefs proposes different dishes everyday.

Our aim is to keep the traditional cooking alive by respecting ancestral cooking techniques and by using local products to make our guests travel through our young but rich history!


We are open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am till late! So, come in and have a seat.


At lunch, you need to pick up a meal fast? No problem, you can get yours at Rs150 only!


Lakaz is also the ideal place for a drink and some local appetizers at any time. Bring your friends!